Build strength and gain muscle mass through body weight hypertrophy training.


Improve range of motion through dynamic movements, build
joint strength and mobility. Move with freedom and prevent injury.

Premium Equipment

Handcrafted premium equipment with a minimal design aesthetics. Timeless, sophisticated high performance products that enhance your surroundings.

Designed in Melbourne

All our products are
designed at our studio in Melbourne, Australia. We are strive to develop the best premium equipment. 

Premium Equipment Transforming Everyday Objects

ONEEIGHTY PROJECTS originated in 2018 as a passion project in a small workshop in the back of a Melbourne based architectural studio. With an appetite for crafting and fine detail, the first prototypes were developed through an iterative process.

ONEEIGHTY PROJECTS is inspired through the exploration of textural materials, tone and composition to develop premium equipment with the highest level of craftsmanship. Our products are made for the design conscious.

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"Quality over quantity. The ONEEIGHTY PROJECTS gymnastic rings are the most versatile piece of equipment in my home gym".

— Luke Armstrong

“Liquid chalk is a gamechanger! My grip has significantly improved on my chin-ups and deadlifts”.  

— Tegan Williams

"Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I always travel with my gymnastic rings and liquid chalk, consitancey is key".

— Adam Hill