Jackalope Hotel // Mornington Peninsula

Jackalope Hotel // Mornington Peninsula

Nestled in the natural landscape of Mornington Peninsula, Jackalope Hotel offers travellers a captivating view of a rustic vineyard, juxtaposed to the high-art of some of Australia’s most promising creators.

Travellers venturing to this establishment come from far and wide, but what’s so special about Jackalope Hotel? Well, as with any hotel, their accommodation takes centre stage. Each of their 45 luxury rooms boasts a window wall, exclusive terrace, custom furniture, and rain showers. The larger suites also feature more scenic views, more space, and a fireplace. It’s clear to see why their fundamental accommodations draw so many guests, but their most charming features can be spotted the moment you arrive. Standing outside the hotel is a 7-meter Jackalope sculpture, a nod to the establishment’s namesake, a mythical creature that looks like a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope.

The main structure of the hotel itself is dripping with artistic flare. The architecture combines the modern art movement with a subtle, deep black that sits nicely against the natural backdrop. Stepping inside, you’ll be engulfed in a dark and simple elegance. Neon hallways lead you to the chic alchemist inspired Flaggerdoot bar, or the brighter Doot Doot Doot restaurant. Wherever you find yourself in the hotel, you’ll be certain to find something to capture your interest. The interior is scattered with curious art pieces like busts with mineral faces or the geode inspired dining room. On the deck, you’ll find an infinity pool, while in the current art installation, the Rain Room, you’ll wander through a room where you can walk under a light rainfall. As exciting and beautiful as this art infusion sounds, it is wholly unpretentious and welcoming to all. The edgy style that dominates the Jackalope Hotel’s main rooms are subdued in guest quarters. In fact, the Jackalope may shine brighter in another respect, its fine dining. 

In this robust region, it’s no surprise the ingredients in their restaurant are locally sourced from neighbouring farms. Their strongest dining feature is of course their well-made wine, all selections of which are crafted from their own surrounding vineyard. Their menu has a fair range, with well-known local dishes to international cuisine. Dining in their restaurant you’ll sit under Ten Thousand Light Bulbs, an installation which mimics the rippling and bubbling reminiscent of the chemistry found in winemaking. Jackalope hotel does a phenomenal job at combining high-art and artistic design inspirations with the comfort and pleasures you expect in a luxury hotel. The experience ultimately proves itself worthwhile and intriguing, but never overbearing.

Images courtesy of Jackalope Hotels.

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